Enforcement & Narcotic Control

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Compliance with Standards

Drugs and other products are regularly tested

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Adverse Drug Reactions

Always report adverse drug reactions and counterfeit drugs

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Enforcement & Narcotic Control Department

There are two units in this department
1. Controlled Drugs
2. Enforcement


  • The investigation and compilation of case files for the Board
  • Preventing and prohibiting the importation manufacture distribution dispensing and selling of all counterfeit adulterated banned medicines. Substandard or expired medicines and other regulated products
  • Combating the hawking of medicines and other regulated products that are not duly registered with the Board.
  • Prevention and combating the establishment or opening of illegal pharmaceutical outlets that are not duly licensed by the board.
  • Enforcing the control of the importation distribution and use of narcotics and psychotropic substances in Sierra Leone 
  • Ensuring that Sierra Leoneโ€™s obligation under the international drugs treaties with respect to narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances are fulfilled.
  •   Promoting activities gearing toward the rational use of drugs and reducing demand for the psychotropic drugs.