National Pharmaceutical Quality Control Laboratory

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Compliance with Standards

Drugs and other products are regularly tested

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Adverse Drug Reactions

Always report adverse drug reactions and counterfeit drugs

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Quality Control Laboratory

There are three units in this department

1. Physicochemical
2. Medical Devices
3. Microbiology

The National Pharmaceutical Quality Control Laboratory (NPQCL) as a department within the Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that pharmaceutical products passing through the market are efficacious potent and of good quality through the conduct of Quality Control tests and the issuance of Quality Assurance reports. 
At the moment the basic procedures employed to check the quality of drugs with respect to specified standards include the following: study of packaging material organoleptic features physical and chemical analysis.
As the issue of medicine regulation and especially that of quality control testing is becoming increasingly pivotal at global level towards ensuring quality health care delivery the NPQCL continues to work in line with internal and international best practice. Activities of the NPQCL are performed in line with performance targets set for each year.