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Compliance with Standards

Drugs and other products are regularly tested

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Adverse Drug Reactions

Always report adverse drug reactions and counterfeit drugs

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You need to register your products so that the Pharmacy Board will ensure that medicines and other related products that are manufactured imported exported distributed and/or utilized in Sierra Leone are of good quality fit for human consumption and are of the optimum safety.

These products must be registered:

  • Medicinal products and Medical devices
  • Chemical substances and Cosmetics
  • Herbal/complementary products
  • Food/dietary supplements
  • Nutritional agents including energy drinks beverages and packed and bottled water.

Three months if all requirements of a compliant application are met.

You begin with an application letter addressed to the Registrar of the Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone Central Medical Stores New England Ville. You purchase relevant registration/application forms from the Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone’s office at New England and then pick up the applicable guidelines.

Head Quarters-Central Medical Stores New England Ville Freetown Sierra Leone. Regional Offices- Bo Kenema Makeni and Kono.

Product registration takes a maximum of three months after the date of submission of a complete application.

No test marketing of products is not permitted.

You can get the list from the Pharmacy Board Office.

The flowchart is shown below.