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    THEME: PHARMACY TECHNICIANS ‘’The frontline’’ of health service delivery

    DATE: 18TH October 2022

    Good Morning to all present at this very important occasion. I am very proud to recognize as the Acting Registrar of Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone and as a Pharmacy Professional myself the immense role played by Pharmacy Technicians in delivering on the mandate of the health sector. Pharmacy Technicians support especially the Primary Health Care systems in Sierra Leone to role out access to medicines programmes providing timely quality and efficacious medicines to priority and vulnerable population subsets across our chiefdoms towns and cities. Pharmacy Technicians are pivotal in reducing health care expenditures and promoting Universal Health Coverage by serving as custodians of medicines in our primary health care units and across our supply chain. Pharmacy Technicians are indeed always on the ‘frontline’’ of health service delivery and their role in ensuring health wellbeing and longetivity of population subsets cannot be underestimated. 

    In Sierra Leone the Pharmacy Technician cadre are often found most immediately supporting the Pharmacist and the Health system in addressing disease burdens from the standpoint of access to medicines. In the private sector Pharmacy Technicians serve a critical interface as ‘frontline’workers bringing  communities and citizens much needed pharmaceutical services and also promoting rational medicines use in regular times and also during epidemic and pandemics like the COVID-19 pandemic.  As the custodians of medicines within the supervisory scope of the Pharmacist Pharmacy Technicians are a citizen and communities first point of contact and first professional to provide therapeutic  options . Today’s Pharmacy Technician is on the ‘frontline’’ of the evolution in drug discovery and development actively engrossed in drug production clinical trials marketing and drug service delivery. Pharmacy Technicians are adequately trained skilled and equipped to serve as ‘Frontline’ messengers  and bridges between the public health system especially primary health care and the private sector and citizens and communities.

    Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone has over the years promoted and supported the work of the Pharmacy Technician Cadre within the Ministry of Health and Sanitation and across line ministries.  It would continue to answer the call of the Pharmacy Technicians and position it as a respectable component within the Pharmacy community of practice. Pharmacy Board recognizes the role of the Pharmacy Technician Cadre in regulating the Profession and Practice of Pharmacy and is committed to building it’s capacity to deliver on present and future mandates of the Board.

    I must end here and leave you with the Board’s well wishes and hopes for continuing success in celebrating this day and in advancing the course of the Pharmacy Technician Cadre here in Sierra Leone and globally.