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  • Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone Senior Management Meeting convened on Drug Peddling - (Medicines Peddling and Illicit Drug Use)-7/08/2023

    Senior Management Meeting convened on Drug (Medicines Peddling and Illicit Drug Use) 

    Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone convened a Senior Management Meeting today to review and strengthen it's approach to addressing the following issues derailing progress in the Pharmaceutical Sector with spill over effects to socioeconomic development and human capital development. 
    - Drug( Medicines ) Peddling 
    - Production Distribution and Use of Illicit drugs especially Kush 

    Key decisions include
    1. Revise and Validate a Root Cause Analysis 
    2. Strengthen advocacy and sensitization on the dangers of drug peddling and use of peddled drugs( medicines) and dangers of Kush
    3. Revise enforcement and compliance strategies to secure the pharmaceutical supply chain for chemicals kush constituents and registered products
    4. Commission a scientific study on health seeking  behaviors that promote drug peddling 
    5. Develop a scientific monograph or compendium on Kush constituents( all variations)  and frequently  illegally  traded chemicals and medicines or their excipents within Sierra Leone 
    6. Collaborate with all key state actors especially the security sector (ONS Police TOCU NDLEA) through working groups and other platforms to consolidate efforts and gains in tackling the menace of drug peddling and  illicit drug ( kush) production distribution use including at all official and unofficial points-of-entry.