001 Guidelines for Allopathic Drugs CTDMS Word310.23 KBDownload
002 Guidelines for Registration of Allopathic MedicinesMS Word283.59 KBDownload
003 Guidelines for Registration of Medical DevicesMS Word436.50 KBDownload
004 Guidelines for Registration of Cosmetics and HouseholdMS Word192.59 KBDownload
005 Guidelines for Registration of Food SupplementsMS Word188.46 KBDownload
006 Guidelines for Registration of Herbal Medicines UnknownDownload
007 Guidelines for Homeopathic DrugsMS Word187.14 KBDownload
008 Guidelines for Registration of Vaccines and Other Biological ProductsMS Word227.79 KBDownload
009 Guidelines for Biological ProductsMS Word230.96 KBDownload
010 Guidelines for Bio-Similar ProductsMS Word247.85 KBDownload
011 Guidelines for Bio-EquivalenceMS Word228.39 KBDownload
012 Guidelines for StabilityMS Word224.91 KBDownload
013 Guidelines for AdvertisementMS Word192.21 KBDownload
014 Guidelines for Fast Track RegistrationMS Word185.41 KBDownload
015 Guidelines for Variation of Allopathic DrugsMS Word260.87 KBDownload
016 Requirements for LabellingMS Word185.51 KBDownload
017 Guidelines for Listing of Specialized ProductsMS Word193.37 KBDownload
018 Guidelines for Clinical Trials Final2MS Word372.00 KBDownload
019 Guideline for ADRMS Word186.19 KBDownload
020 Safety of Medicines in Sierra Leone RecentMS Word184.66 KBDownload
021 Material Transfer AgreementMS Word127.39 KBDownload
022 Current Guidelines for Application for PBSL LicensesMS Word142.18 KBDownload
023 Guidelines for Conducting ResearchMS Word131.60 KBDownload
024 Guidelines for Change Business OwnershipMS Word127.79 KBDownload
025 Guidelines for Internship Programme for Pharmacy TechniciansMS Word148.24 KBDownload
026 Guidelines for for Cultivation and Processing of Medical CannabisMS Word163.69 KBDownload
027 Guidelines for Importation and Clearance of Controlled DrugsMS Word139.78 KBDownload
029 Guidelines for Receipt of Samples in the LabMS Word182.50 KBDownload
030 Guidance on Good Manufacturing Practices Inspection ReportMS Word133.46 KBDownload
031 Guidelines for Drugs DestructionMS Word133.54 KBDownload
032 Guidelines for Licensing of Manufacturing of Drugs and CosmeticsMS Word159.79 KBDownload
033 Guidelines GDPMS Word151.68 KBDownload
034 PBSL Guidelines Small Scale IndustriesMS Word134.71 KBDownload
035 Pharmacy Board Draft Guideline on Core SMPC and Package Leaflet for FludeoxyglucoseMS Word156.00 KBDownload
036 Draft Guidelines on Current Good Radio PharmacyMS Word156.81 KBDownload
037 Guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices for Radio Pharmaceutical ProductsMS Word142.79 KBDownload
038 Procedure Guidelines for the Use of RadiopharmaceuticalsMS Word135.66 KBDownload
039 Good Storage PracticesMS Word138.04 KBDownload
Attachment 021 PBSL MTA TemplateMS Word57.00 KBDownload
Attachment PBSL . 001.01 Sample Schedule Pharmaceutical ProductsMS Word60.88 KBDownload
Attachment PBSL . GL . 003.01 Sample Schedule Medical DeviceMS Word118.08 KBDownload
Inspection GuidelinesMS Word140.16 KBDownload
Listing of Specialised or Orphan Products for ImportationMicrosoft WordUnknownDownload
Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA) TemplatePDF172.81 KBDownload
PBSL-F-78.1 Clinical Trial Application Form UnknownDownload
Requirements For Material Transfer AuthorisationPDF143.12 KBDownload